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When do we stop dreaming?

In the wise words of a man Who spread knowledge across this land While being treated like dirt and sand With cuts and bruises on his hands I grew up, as a black person in the south Constantly being told to shut my mouth Because not everything is what it seems Because we don’t have the money to have a dream Dreaming costs money And when we stand on our own podiums And when the day seems sunny It reminds us where we come from Struggle, segregation. And it only fuels our temptation To divide our communities the same way we divide our minds And we never know when to draw the lines We divide ourselves as if we are on teams But I’m just here to say “I have a dream” A dream that we can stop separating our brain And finally clean the cursed stains Left behind us by history And all our oppression can stop being a mystery But when do those dreams finally become reality? And when can we escape from this agony? We can all share our dreams But they’re just that, dreams. That’s all it means So dear 76.3% of Americans Have your dreams been pushed aside? Are you pushed aside by your arrogance? or does that simply bring you pride? Knowing you will never have to show fear in the eyes of someone with power And not afraid that you’ll die within the hour Of when a cop pulls you over for a broken taillight But the second they see your skin, its a gun in your sight. Will your dreams ever come true the same way we want ours to? or will you simply take that for granted Do you ever feel like you need to stop dreaming? Because no matter how hard you try, you always end up empty handed.

Jaylen Abney 9th Grade Middle College-UNCG Rev. Timothy Fitzgerald New Goshen United Methodist Church

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