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Sowing Seeds

How “We can Build a Beloved Community in a Wounded World”.


I believe that we can build a beloved community by being more kind and generous. In my garden at home, I sow seeds, give them water and sunshine, watch them grow and then I harvest my fruits and vegetables and share what has grown. You sow seeds of kindness by caring for others, giving them what they need like love and support and watching them grow to bear their own fruit of kindness. This benefits you and others. Once you give those kindness seeds away hopefully the person that received your kindness and generosity will repeat the process over again. The purpose of this loop is to spread kindness around the world like wildfire! I believe sowing seeds of kindness will build a beloved community in a wounded world.

Name: Jessica Lewis

Grade: 7th 

School: Alamance Middle School

Church: St. Matthew United Methodist

Pastor: Rev. Rodvegas Ingram

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