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In the Beginning

The first day

Darkness sits the sun with silence.

Eventually, the brightness.

Second day

The ground is covered in water then

covered itself.

Eventually, the sea.

Third day

Ground accepts split and stabbed seeds.

Eventually, the soil.

Fourth day

Winter to spring,

Spring to summer,

Fall to summer,

Winter to autumn,

give a place.

Eventually, itls a season.

Fifth day

The sun shines 365 days.

Eventually, it's a year.

The moon shines at night.

Eventually, it's an evening.

Sixth day

Crawling creatures made up the land

Swimming creatures made up the water

Flying creatures made up the sky

Eventually, the world.

Seventh day

Man and woman are leaning on each other.

Eventually, humans.

Be silent to gain light,

Showing the wealth of being by covering themselves,

Fertilize by bearing thorns,

Gain the rest in life by giving up the place,

Not dilute the beauty by keeping another's place.

Not ashamed of their weakness,

Not show off their power,

They showed the world clearly.

Built a new beauty even if they are different

but leaning on each other.

How can't it be beautiful?

Jungmin Park

10th grade

Western Guilford High School Greensboro Korean Methodist Church Pastor-Jun Seok Seo

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