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Connecting to our Communities

As provided in the prompt, the word “wounded” is an adjective that is used to describe

something that has been injured or changed out of its original state. Our world today is in a state of being that is “wounded”. Many people go without shelter, violence has spread across the country leading people to do harm to others, and other social issues like racism and equal rights have impacted the United States, as well as various other countries in the world. All of these things mentioned and many other aspects also directly impact communities and can decide whether or not they are bound to thrive in society. Because of this, it is necessary to ensure that these communities are able to do so. I believe that to build a beloved community in this damaged world, we need to provide for and connect with others by intentionally meeting others and creating meaningful and caring relationships like Jesus did.

Specifically in the United States, social problems like discrimination and inequality have

put down certain groups of people, such as African American and Hispanic individuals. Because of this, it is difficult for these people to bounce back and flourish in society like others. It also causes certain people in communities to resort to violence to acquire what they want, since it is challenging to do it in normal circumstances. This is why those who are more fortunate are in a position to step in and positively impact these situations. A way that we are capable of doing this is giving back to the community and making connections on a personal level. My church regularly holds a day in which they hand out food and goods to those that could benefit from some assistance, using the food pantry. This presents a great opportunity for the community to come together with the church members and even possibly become closer to God because of their knowledge of the church. They are able to visit services and perhaps even invite others to service. Because of this, there is a stronger community, trust, and reliability being built through these connections. Another possible connection is by having dinner church. When this event takes place, the community is able to come to service and enjoy a meal while studying the bible.

By doing this, we are able to provide for and connect with the members of the community, as well as witnessing to the beneficial relationship with God. By stepping up, creating relationships,and encouraging people, we are able to make progress in society.

In society, many different groups of people experience hardships and need

encouragement. This is why we should step up and help those in need, creating meaningful

relationships that can change ourselves and other individuals. Because of these impactful

relationships that are formed, it helps to build a strong and beloved community!

Name: Nani Carson

Grade: Junior

School: Northwest Guilford High School

Church: Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church

Pastor: Rev. Ellis Carson

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