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Building a Beloved Community in a Wounded World

The world is wounded in so many ways:  homelessness, child abuse, animal cruelty, racism, discrimination, pollution, people committing crimes and drug abuse.  It seems awful that there are so many, but I remain hopeful.  I think we can turn these situations around if we all started to care more.

A starting place is joining an organization that already exists, like Open Hands, a program inside of my church.  They help people that need help.  It is not a lot but it is a start.  There’s food, clothes, temporary shelter from the rain, and people who will listen.  They also have bible study on certain days.  There is a need for people to donate items, money and volunteer.

We can build a beloved community in this wounded world by agreeing to do our part.  It is so easy to want something done but not be willing to help make it happen.  For instance, we might want to end homelessness, yet we don’t give, we don’t support, or we don’t house those who do not have a place to call home.  Yet we want to end homelessness?  Or what about if we say we want to help our children get a better education but we want visit the schools, we don’t encourage our kids to do their homework or to make good grades or we fail to support the needs of the school.

I have been wounded.  A boy at me school called me the N-word.  While it kinda hurt my feelings I ignored it.  I wanted to call him a name back but I didn’t.  I just walked away.  I did wonder why he felt he could say that and what he really meant by it.  For a few minutes I felt sorry for this young guy.  I realized that he is never happy, he is always causing confusion in the classroom and his friend list is very short.  I did not give it much thought because I know I am not an N-word. 

I think in today’s time it is hard but not impossible to build a good community.  But to begin the building process everyone has to do their part.  Even the little things.  If you see trash in the street, pick it up.  Or, if you litter, stop it!  If you have a chance to donate a dollar, donate a dollar.  If the school asks for tissue or wipes, buy an extra pack when you go shopping and donate it.   Everyone doing a little thing can be a start.

Wounded, yes…….broken, not yet.  So, there is still a chance to turn this thing around.  I want the world to be a better place for me and my friends when I grow up and become a leader.  Writing these essays remind me how important it is to do

Name: Harper Lanier

Grade: 7th 

School: Davidson Charter Academy

Church: St. Stephen United Methodist Church

Pastor: Rev. Arnetta D. Beverly     


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