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BMCR is the organized Black caucus of The United Methodist Church. We are one of the United Methodist denominations five U.S. - based racial-ethnic caucuses. National BMCR represents and is dedicated to the interests of more than 2,400 Black United Methodist congregations and approximately 500,000 African American members across the United States.

HISTORY: The idea for an ethnic caucus that addressed the concerns and needs of the Black constituency of the newly merged United Methodist Church (UMC) emerged in 1967 from conversations among a cadre of top black Methodist Church leaders. In March 1968 they convened a National Conference of Negro Methodists; but they adjourned as the new Black Methodists for Church Renewal. It was at this conference that the words “Our time under God is now,” were spoken by Dr. Ernest Smith. Those prophetic words later became the motto of BMCR, and they are as relevant today as when they were uttered 50 years ago.
MISSION: BMCR’s mission is “to raise up prophetic and spiritual leaders who will be advocates for the unique needs of Black people in The United Methodist Church.” Learn more…

Rev. Marcus J. Singleton
2023 Coordinator

Western North Carolina Caucus 2023 Initiatives 

The “Dismantling Racism Pressing on to Freedom” initiative began June 2020 in the United Methodist Church.  This initiative is a multi-level effort throughout the church to initiate a sustained and coordinated effort to dismantle racism and promote collective action to work toward racial justice. The church-wide effort must take place locally and universally for this to be accomplished.

Here in Western North Carolina we see three areas that must be addressed:  

1.  The appointment process and the utilization of profiles to determine the person.

2.  The fact that churches leadership should resemble the demographics in which they minister.

3.  The disparity in clergy salaries even though clergy requirements are the same.

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